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A: Simply fill out your details here and we’ll call you back.
A: Any queries can be directed to customer care on 0800 000 430 which is free from any land line or 140 free from your mrp mobile phone.
Insert your MRP Mobile SIM card into your phone and switch your phone on. Your SIM card will be automatically activated within 24hours of delivery.
A: If for some crazy reason your cellphone doesn’t function correctly immediately after purchase, mrp mobile will exchange it for you.
A: If your SIM card ever gets lost or stolen, simply call our customer care on 0800 000 430 and we’ll help you get a new SIM on the same number and contract.
A: Your bill will be sent straight to you on your MRP Mobile cellphone. If you prefer email, just let us know and we’ll make the change. You can also check your usage and balance during the month by dialling *140# 
A: LTE, also known as 4G, stands for Long Term Evolution - a high speed wireless data for mobile phones and devices. With LTE, you get higher capacity and coverage in areas without ADSL, which means faster download and upload speeds compared to 2G and 3G. 
  • Have an LTE_enabled device
  • Be in an LTE coverage area
  • Way better data speeds
  • Great in-bundle data rates
  • An awesome range of LTE data deals to suit you
  • Upload and download with fast speeds
  • Stream with no buffering
  • Get sending and receiving so much faster
  • Enjoy top quality Voice over IP (VoIP)
A: Buying airtime is as simple as one, two, three.
  1. Store card holders dial *140# and choose the buy airtime or data bundles option (Non-store card holders can only buy data bundles on *140#)
  2. Dial *130*410# (this number is only for buying airtime)
  3. Buy airtime at any MRP, MRP Home, MRP Sport, Miladys and Sheet Street store
A: Follow the instructions at the bottom of the till slip. (*133*677*voucher pin#)  
A: You can check your balance by dialling *140#  
A: Call us on 0800 000 430 to check 
A: If your cellphone service has been suspended please contact 0800 000 141 for assistance.  
A: Absolutely, please call customer care on 0800 000 141 from a landline or 140 from your MRP Mobile SIM and we can assist you with moving your existing number across to us.  
A: Itemised billing can be loaded by a simple call to customer care. Please be advised that this is a chargeable service.  
  • Lindiwe: 011 848 7048
  • Reginah: 011 848 7184
  • Peter: 011 848 7108
  • Herman: 011 848 7108