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Got a store card?

If you have a MRP Money, Miladys or Sheet Street store card then you can get one of our awesome SIM top up deals conveniently billed to your store card every month!

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And what are the rates?

SIM Top Up Package Subscription Per Month Included Airtime Extra Value
mymrp 30 SIM top up R30 R30  
mymrp 50 SIM top up R50 R50  
mymrp 75 SIM top up R75 R75 R25 Airtime
mymrp 100 SIM top up R100 R100 R25 Airtime
mymrp 125 SIM top up R125 R125 R25 Airtime
mymrp 150 SIM top up R150 R150 R25 Airtime
mymrp 175 SIM top up R175 R175 R25 Airtime
mymrp 200 SIM top up R200 R200 R15 Airtime
mymrp 250 SIM top up R250 R250 R15 Airtime

Sound good? Request a SIM now!

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